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Here Is My Report For This Month

An Important Summer Safety Reminder

  Summer is here which means that there will be many hot day's ahead for us. "Please" and I repeat "Please" do not lock your child or pet up in your vehicle while you shop or do chores. "This is a stupid and thoughtless act". The temperatures in your vehicle can reach deadly proportions. Every year hundreds of needless deaths are reported due to this thoughtlessness. Also please remember to leave an adequate water supply for your four legged friend. Make sure also that your pet has a shaded area in which to lie down in. In very hot areas it may be a good idea to provide your dog with dog booties so that their paws are not burned by the hot asphalt or cement. These are all very important things to remember so that you and your pet may have a safe and pleasant summer season.

"Have A Very Safe Summer"
Respectfully Yours,
Legal Beagle


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 By Award Winning Psychologist Dr. Stanley Coren

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Here Is A Great Internet Filtering, Parental Control & Security Software Download.

"Which I May Add Is Offered For Free"
From  "Blue Coat"

K9 Web Protection Download Link "Click Here"


  I would like to invite you all to visit the web site of a very good friend of mine. His name is "Action Bear" and on his web site you will find very interesting articles and stories on endangered animals. You will also find various ways in which you may protect and help these endangered creatures. There are also very important links to organizations and agencies that protect animals and their God given rights. I have provided a link to Action Bear's web site below. I am sure that you will enjoy your visit there.

  Respectfully Yours,
Legal Beagle


Click on picture above to visit "Action Bear"


Links To Help The Less Fortunate

To Our Dear Loving & Generous Friends,
    We ask that you "please" open up your hearts in helping the poor unfortunate homeless and their pets. A donation to a homeless shelter can provide a much needed meal, clothing and maybe shelter for these poor people. Won't  you please help? Below we have provided links to six very reputable and established shelters who do wonderful work helping the homeless.

Hesed House

Phoenix Rescue Mission

St. Mary's Basilica

The American Church In London U.K.

Pets Of The Homeless

"Our Deepest and Most Heartfelt Thanks"

Legal Beagle


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